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"All about me"
    Well here we are again.... Anyways, my name is G. Kalaniku Clark Jr. I was born on Novermber 13th, 1986 on the Valley Isle of Maui in Hawaii. Under the watchful eye of Linda and Gaylane Sr. and living in the adolesecents chaos of siblings Alohilani(18), Kaohinani(9), and Kupono(4), I have grown with a better understandin of the wide variety of creative knowledge of who I really am... Therefore I greet to the story of "All about me".
    Well lets get into my dancin career... At the age of about 7, I started dancing Hula/Tahitian with Pohai Ke Aloha Hula Halau under the direction of Aunty Doll Aricayos. I danced with her for about a year. Then i advanced to Kepa Aricayos-Cabanilla (aunty Doll's son) where i learned most of my roots on the basics of tahitian dancing. For the past year and a half i'd say, i've been dancing with the group known as Te Tiare Patitifa/Keoni and company under the direction of Keoni Manuel, who has been involved in the entertainment industry for many many years. It is there where i picked up my roots and used them to my advantage to please YOU! the audience... Giving me the opportunity to boost my self esteem by excelerating in the tahitian culture, not to mention also giving me a better understanding of the true value and meaning to every step and beat that has been portrayed in the dances.    
    Moving on to volleyball...I started v-ball in the fourth and is still moving foward with the sport now that i'm going to be a junior. I have been to the states competition twice for the past two years in a row. It has a memory that will last. Hopefully this coming year we can hold our title as well as maintain the bondage that Maui High's team has had ever since i have played.
    Basically i'm a down to earth type of dude.... I'm easy going, likes to go out, have fun and just chill. Wanting to get in the travel industy, i set school as a #1 priority. In my free time i like to play v-ball, dance tahitian, dance (booty *laugh*) and just chill with my friends and family. I'd like to thank you for visiting my site and learning the story about myself.... -Mahalo-